Thursday, March 4, 2021

Soups of the Day ($5.50 Bowl):

#1: Chicken Vegetable (meat) 

#2: Mushroom with White Rice (vegetarian)

Flavored Coffee of the Day

Jamaican Me Crazy

Flavored Iced Tea of the Day

Blackberry Jasmine Green

Lunch Specials:

(Available Monday through Friday from 11am to 3pm)

Soup, 1/2 Sandwich/Wrap, Drink Special – $9.95 

(Add a monster cookie for $1!)

Chicken Salad

Lunch “Dish of the Day” (priced by the pound)

Vegetable Lasagna ($10.95 per pound)

If you do not see today’s specials, please refresh the page or call STORK’S directly.