Business Spotlight: Peter Dekaj, Stork’s Bakery

Peter Dekaj, Owner of Stork's Bakery

When Peter Dekaj came to Stork’s Bakery 21 years ago as managing partner and pastry chef, he had no idea he would eventually become the owner of one of Wilton Manors’ go-to bakeries.

Winning multiple SFGN Best Of awards for Best Dessert, Stork’s is the ultimate gay-friendly bakery in the area.

“I’m an ally, but I don’t see myself as any different from anyone else,” said Dekaj, who identifies as straight but does not feel separate from the LGBT community. “The community supports me.”

Jim Stork, the founder of Stork’s, taught Dekaj to work with and get more in touch with the community. Dekaj took over as owner in 2007 — 10 years after the bakery opened.

“My goal is to maintain what we’re doing — and bring in a higher level of customer service.”

Dekaj plans to remodel the bakery and add new items. He’ll be moving the flow of customers by moving and adding a register, giving it a necessary “facelift.”

In addition to improving Stork’s, Dekaj also donates to multiple non-profit organizations such as Kids in Distress, located right down the street from the bakery.

“When you live in a small community like this, you see the needs. So you start helping out wherever you can — and the community supports us back.”

Originally featured in SFGN’s issue of 6/18/18

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